Queste solamente alcune risorse bibliografiche che consideriamo un “must” ci sono molti altri libri interessanti validi ed utili.




  • Mind over Markets – by James F.Dalton, Eric T. Jones & Robert B. Dalton


  • Markets in Profile – Profiting from the Auction Process – by James F.Dalton, Robert B.Dalton, Eric T. Jones


  • Steidlmayer on Markets – second edition – by J.Peter Steidlmayer & Steven B. Hawkins


  • Practical Trading Applications of Market Profile – by Tom Alexande


  • An Introduction to Market Profile and a User’s Guide to Capital Flow Software – by J. Peter Steidlmayer and Ted Hearne


  • Phantom’s Gift – by Art Simpson


Risk & Money Management


  • Trade your way to Financial Freedom – by Van K. Tharp


  •  Van Tharp’s Definitive Guide to Position sizing – by Van K. Tharp


Mindset & Psyco


  • Psycho Cybernetics – by Maxwell Maltz


  • Trading in the Zone – by Mark Douglas


  • The Disciplined Trader – by Mark Douglas                                                              
  • The Psychology of Risk – by Ari Kiev


  • Trading to Win – The psychology of mastering the markets – by Ari Kiew


  • Mastering Trading Stress – Strategies for Maximizing Performance – by Ari Kiew


  • Enhancing Trader Performance -by Brett N.Steenbarger


  • The Daily Trading Coach – by Brett N.Steenbarger


  • The Trading Athlete Winning the Mental game of Online Trading – by Shane Murphy & Doug Hirshhorn


Lezioni ed ispirazione dai Top Traders


  • Market Wizards – Interviews with Top Traders – by Jack D. Schwager


  • The new Market Wizards – Conversations with america’s Top Traders – by Jack D. Schwager


  • Pit Bull – Lessons from Wall Strett’s Champion Trader – by Martin Schwartz


  • Reminescences of a stock operator – by Edwin Lefèvre


  • Jessie Livermore – world’s greatest stock Trader – by Richard Smitten


  • One Good Trade –  Inside the highly competitive world of proprietary Trading  by Mike Bellafiore


  • The Playbook – an inside look at how to think like a professional trader – by Mike Bellafiore