We are professional traders operating since many years, on a daily basis, on the financial markets mainly on the CME Group Future contacts.
ROBERTO AMBROGI -professional tradersOur knowledge comes from the direct experience in trading the markets, the depth study of the best resources available, the connection and interaction with many professional traders all over the world, and last but not least from our own personal research.
We regard trading as a never ending research, we are never arrived, we have to continually improve our knowledge, competence and performance, markets are always changing, our capabilities, conscious and unconscious have to be always trained and improved, technology and available software are continually advancing and in such a challenging and competitive environment we have to take advantage of all the best available resources and constantly be on the peak of our personal performance.
We can define our trading approach as Methodical-Discretionary, we try to use the advantages of a scientific/rational approach used in designing trading systems and algorithms, but adding what computers are not able to do, that is, to be able to distinguish seeming identical situations but deeply different, to be flexible and have an holistic market view,  to utilize all the available information on a conscious and on a unconscious level.
All of this requires the trader to be a real professional athlete, the competition results will derive from a perfect and always improvable combination of market knowledge, best use of technology and instruments available, proper risk/money management, and finally the element that allows all of this to function: a winning mindset.
The purpose of Trading Research is:Luca Ciolini - Professional Traders
-to offer informations, resources and ideas useful to both new and experienced traders
-to offer trading education with courses and direct coaching to all of those who desire to be able, in a relatively short period of time, to operate in the markets with a professional approach
-keeping in touch with our trained traders, in order to create a group in which we all can interact, exchange informations and researches
- eventually to find in this group traders to be enrolled in our structure
Good trading and good adventure to all of those who have decided to dip themselves into the trading world and the research of excellence on every aspect of their own life.

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